Citroen Key Upgrade / Conversion Kit With 2 Buttons


– We are offering a key case (without electronics), you need to transfer them from your original key.
– Please look carefully, if your original key is identical in shape and blade to the one here.


Key Upgrade / Conversion Kit With 2 Buttons For Citroen

What you will receive when your order is complete ?
Brand new Citroen key upgrade kit:
– Remote case
– Uncut key blade

What is not included? 
– Remote control Electronics (internals)- This conversion kit will make your original key look like the new model. You need to transfer the electronics and immobilizer chip from your original key. Using the blade from the original key is impossible that is why you will have to engrave the new one.

Citroen Key Upgrade/ Conversion kit is suitable for the following models:

Brand Model Year
Citroen Berlingo 1996-2020
Citroen C2 2003-2017
Citroen C3 2002-2020
Citroen C4 2004-2020
Citroen C5 2001-2020
Citroen Jumper 2002-2020
Citroen Jumpy 2007-2020
Citroen Saxo 1997-2004
Citroen Xsara 1999-2012

* if you are not sure that this is the correct key you can always ask us.

Condition: New
Blade Type:
Buttons count: 2
Color: Black


1. Once you receive your key upgrade kit, you need to transfer the electronics and immobilizer chip from your original key. Then engrave the new blade. After that all functionalities of the original key will remain unchanged. Make sure that your original key looks like the old one. Also pay attention to the shape of the blade and position of the buttons.
– Firstly, open your existing key
– Secondly, remove internal module/chip and transfer it to the new replacement.
– Thirdly, screw/click the key back together.
– Take your key to a locksmith to cut it.
– Test to check if everything is working fine.

2. Unfortunately we cannot offer key cutting option for this type of blade at the moment, therefore you should visit a locksmith.

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How does your key cutting service works?
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